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Utilising e-learning platforms to share ideas and leverage our knowledge for income

Continuing professional development is an important indicator for success in the music therapy profession and is now a compulsory requirement of our ongoing registration. However there can be many barriers to finding and accessing relevant ongoing learning.

Due to the breadth and depth or our work it is not always easy for music therapists to find suitable ongoing learning opportunities. It can be difficult for us to tick all the boxes: learning opportunities that are affordable; easy to access; available when (and where) you are; that address our specific interests; and match our level of experience.
Online professional development is a fantastic solution to this problem. Easy to access quality information at an affordable price, wherever you are. E-learning platforms make it easy to share music therapy ideas worldwide.

Music Therapy Online is a new website providing high quality ongoing professional development for music therapists. Tutorials and short online courses are provided online and available to you wherever you are in the world, and wherever you are in your career. Music Therapy Online provides tutorials on a diverse range of topics to enable you to continue to learn and grow in your career, with advanced education across a range of categories such as clinical skills, methods, theories and frameworks, research, supervision, business skills and self care.

The tutorials and short courses are provided by music therapists, for music therapists. Researchers, academics and clinical experts from around the world are using Music Therapy Online to share their knowledge more broadly and support other music therapists to learn, grow and thrive in their careers.

E-learning platforms like Music Therapy Online also provide the opportunity for music therapists to use their unique expertise to generate multiple passive income streams. Creating tutorials, workshops, webinars and courses is well within your reach. Learn how you can leverage your knowledge and increase your income by thinking outside traditional models of service provision.

In this workshop/paper I will discuss how music therapists can use Music Therapy Online and other online platforms to create educational resources that not only benefit our clients, carers, organisations and other professionals, but also generate an income. Learn how you can create online resources that make you money while you sleep.

Come and join an inspiring new generation of music therapy entrepreneurs and learn how you can utilize e-learning and online platforms to access new ideas, learn new skills, generate passive income streams and create a life you love.

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