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The World of Music Therapy in Numbers: Outcomes of the International Survey Study

In 2016, we conducted an international survey study in collaboration with the World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT) to obtain descriptive date about the current demographics, practice status, and clinical trends of the music therapy profession worldwide. Applying a different strategy in obtaining heightened international response rates, 2,495 professional members of 19 WFMT-affiliated organizations living in 17 countries, responded to this study. Participants accessed a 30-item online questionnaire through SurveyMonkey® and could review the document in seven languages.

In this online presentation, we will critically reflect the outcomes of this study and offer suggestions for leading the field into a sustainable future. Participants will learn about

  • the demographic profile of music therapists worldwide,
  • the current status of music therapy practices in various regions of the world, and
  • thoughts and predictions about the future of the profession from professionals around the world.

This thought-provoking presentation invites participants to view the profession from a global perspective and join in a discussion about innovative strategies and collaborations supporting the growth of the field. Data will be presented in infographic style including icons, tables, figures, and graphs.

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