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Grant-Writing 101 for Music Therapists

Many music therapist would like to utilize grant funding opportunities, but either lack the knowledge or time in order to thoroughly investigate these opportunities. Nonprofit and non-governmental agencies are uniquely suited to the music therapy field because it gives music therapist the ability to provide services, at reduced or no cost to the clients. Most music therapy programs in universities do not cover the basics of nonprofit and non-governmental management.

In this presentation, participants will take an idea and walk through each of the basic universal requirements for grants and proposals. They will start with the logic model, discussing inputs, output, and outcomes related to a successful proposals. They will also look at the interactions between assumptions and external factors on grants management.

Participants will then brainstorm an outline for each basic, universal requirement for grants and proposal purposes including: background information, description, community involvement, sustainability and capacity building, goals, objectives, budget, and indicators. As participants utilize their own ideas to complete these sections, they will then have the basic requirements completed for a rough draft of their proposal.

Finally, participants will discuss researching relevant grant-funding opportunities- both big and small, grants management, monitoring and evaluation of programs. Participants will end with brainstorming ways to increase sustainability and reduce reliance on grant funding as applicable.

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