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Cross-Cultural Music Therapy: Reflections of Music Therapy Students Undertaking Placements Internati

In an ever-globalising world, it is becoming increasingly more normal to live, study, and work abroad. Music therapists are no exception. Due to the inherent link between music and culture, it is necessary to understand the role in which culture plays in music therapy sessions. Additionally, it is necessary to understand how one’s own culture, as an international music therapist, can impact and influence such sessions. This study aims to fill a gap in the literature by investigating the experiences of three international students, from Australia, South Korea, and Cameroon, who are currently undertaking music therapy internships in France. The results consist of a thematic analysis of two interviews, as well as case studies by the researcher. These results indicate that one’s own culture can cause interruptions in music therapy sessions. These interruptions are associated, notably, with a language barrier, discomfort surrounding cultural differences, and a lack of knowledge about the French culture and their music.

Kate Walker, DipLang, B.A

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