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Common Ground: Exploring Development of Hospice Music Therapy in Thailand and China

While dying is a universal experience, dying well is not necessarily so. Presenters will provide a summary of the history and development of hospice music therapy in the US as a background and identify lessons learned as a background and platform to illustrate a best practice approach to developing music therapy within the initial development of hospice care in Southeast Asia. Both Thailand and China are on the forefront of creating hospice and palliative care, and the presenters have been instrumental in this development. Because they are music therapists, they have advocated for music therapy services as a standard from the onset of hospice care. This was a missed opportunity in the US when hospice standards were written. Hospices have embraced the power of music therapy to enhance quality of life in the US, but Asia is decades behind in their overall development of hospice care. Because it is just now forming, we have opportunities to help shape hospice care to include music therapy as a standard from the onset. This presentation illustrates these international efforts and empowers US music therapists to lead the way.

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